Page Fraley - Co-Owner

Page grew up in rural Eastern Kentucky in the 1950s. He learned carpentry from his father and grandfathers which means: he really did learn it the old fashion way. When he was twenty he went to work in a "state of the art" cabinet shop and found his calling.
In the course of time he moved to Colorado and brought his design and cabinetry skills with him. Overall, he has been in the kitchen and bath business for over forty years now. In addition to cabinetry, Page is an accomplished musician. He graduated from Regis University with a double major BA degree in music and philosophy, Magna Cum Loude.
Hobby: Page plays jazz trumpet around Denver now and again, and is the leader of The Blue Wave Jazz Ensemble.
Angie Padilla - Co-Owner

Angie is the central operational figure at Blue Wave Design. Her organizational skills are truly awesome. No wonder after college Angie joined the U.S. Army Core of Engineers and learned the art of logistics. She was a natural and went up the ladder quickly. She served two tours of duty at a base in Honduras and was in charge of moving equipment that came into and out of the camp. Her "Core of Engineers" skills carry over nicely for the purposes of Blue Wave Design and its clients.
Hobby: Angie is a workout devotee: Triathlete, Marathoner and Crossfit, et al.
Gabe Fraley - Systems Administrator

Gabe just retired from a twenty year hitch in the U.S. Air Force. He now handles all issues regarding the computers and software at Blue Wav Design. Gabe is a Blues Brothers fan.
Don Grove
Don Grove - Job Site Facilitator

Most of Don's day consists of getting parts and materials to where they are needed. Don is also a skilled woodworker and cabinet installer. He is an accomplished musician and is the drummer for The Denver Jazz Quartet. Don was the original drummer for the Doobie Brothers.
Ben Shcherbak - Lead Cabinet Installer

Ben comes from a whole family of wood workers and cabinet makers. He is meticulous, and methodical. He is few on words and keeps his head in his work. Ben often brings other members of his family in on certain projects. Having immigrated to the USA a couple of decades ago from Russia, Ben and his family are an American woodworking success story.
Scooter the Cat
Scooter the Cat - Bringer of Happiness

Scooter is our Hemmingway cat, and brings joy to us all!