If you are seriously thinking about a new kitchen, bath or any other areas that might require new cabinetry, we are willing to generate "a plan" that can make it a reality - for FREE

Here’s how it goes:
We will set up a time to come to your home or job site.
We will listen to what you want.
Then comes suggestions from us, and discussion.

Going forward:
We will immediately take comprehensive field measurements of all pertinent areas that affect the kitchen, and any other areas requiring cabinets. Then we set a time and day for a design meeting at our studio. In the meantime, we will produce a comprehensive preliminary drawing of your kitchen, baths, laundry, etc. - all for FREE

The Blue Wave Design Studio
The Blue Wave studio is a real treat. It’s appointment only. No interruptions! Here is where you get your first look at your kitchen, et al, on our big screen monitor. Here’s where you see the possibilities and have the opportunity tweak away at your heart’s content. Here is where you pick your cabinets and your door styles, colors, etc.

Architectural Plans:
If you are in the planning stage or already underway
with new construction, we are more than happy to do "take offs" from the architectural drawings for bid purposes. Generally speaking, we can turn these around overnight. We are also well qualified to tweak, make suggestions, and well versed in "value engineering."